Revolutionary Beauty Book

Revolutionary Beauty Book

Revolutionary Beauty Book

7 Transformative Steps to Ageless Beauty with the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle
Are you ready to look 20 years younger and feel more alive than you do now?
Are you ready to release the aging appearance and harmful effects of stress in 60 seconds?

As a ground-breaking health pioneer whose motto “Age is a number and mine is unlisted,” Patricia Bragg changed the mantra on aging in America. This icon joins forces with Gut Health expert Julia Loggins to re-define the culture of beauty by giving women the tools to turn the clock back twenty years, and boldly challenge the narrative that sick, tired and depressed is the “new normal,” and “youth is wasted on the young.” Nonsense!

Patricia and Julia share their highly sought-after methods to create ageless energy. In Revolutionary Beauty, they offer readers a simple, proven 7-step program that is a manifesto of hope, optimism, and self-empowerment, based on an elegant, century-old model of specific foods and practices which regenerate rather than deplete. Told in an entertaining style, with first-person stories from women whose lives have been transformed including – Mae West, Kelly LeBrock, Erin Foster, Liana Werner-Gray, contributions from world-renowned medical doctors and longevity experts, and of course, the one and only Patricia Bragg.

Revolutionary Beauty shifts the paradigm of beauty as something we create from the inside out — eliminating burn-out, brain fog fatigue, and digestive issues. It’s the perfect guide for any woman to revitalize her energy, health, and happiness.


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25 March 2022



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