Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Book

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Book

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Book 

Learn the simple strategies of radical health and vibrant wellness that the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle has brought to millions! What is an ageless body? For health pioneers Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg, an ageless body sparkles with vitality, immune strength, mental clarity, and digestive ease. The Braggs teach why a toxic-free diet maximizes energy, supports weight loss, and can help heal illness and disease.

In the newly revised Bragg Healthy Lifestyle: Vital Living At Any Age, the trailblazing father-daughter team who alerted us nearly a century ago to the dangers of sugar and toxic foods, detail every key aspect of  creating & maintaining ageless health, including  detoxification, stress-release, nutrition, exercise and the importance of  taking charge of not only what goes into our bodies, but practices such as fasting, which release the toxins that may unnecessarily accelerate the aging process. “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think and do,” is the Bragg motto. From the foods we eat to our outlook, the environments we live in and even in our physical activities, the authors encourage readers to replace toxins with nutrients, flush out poisons and waste efficiently, exercise, breathe deeply and well, and cultivate happiness and harmony in our daily lives.

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14 April 2019



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