Auto Fill Distiller

Auto Fill Distiller

This Stainless Steel Auto Fill Water Distiller is for use in the home and has a holding tank with the daily distillate capacity of 26Lt and a distilled water holding capacity of 24Lt.


  • Connected directly to a tap in your home
  • Fully automatic model. Automatic stop when distilled water storing tank is full and start to run automatically when the distilled water level drops
  • Fully stainless steel distillation system
  • Using air cool technology
  • High grade stainless storing tank
  • Distilled water level sensor to control water level inside distilled water tank
  • Raw water inlet control valve
  • Using electronic circuit board to control the flow of raw water inlet, boiling process in boiling chamber and control of water level in distilled water storing tank
  • Residue discharge valve for easy discharge of residue and cleaning of boiling chamber

TC-501H Specification:

Size: 28.0x56.5x49.5cm (LxDxH)
Net weight: 15 kg
Distillate capacity: 26 liters in 24 hours
Storing tank: 24L
Heating element: 900 watts, 110V/240V AC
Gross Weight: 17 kg
Packing Dimension: 37.5x57.0x57.0cm (LxDxH)

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23 January 2015



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