Water Distiller

Water Distiller

This Drink Water Distiller has a Stainless Steel interior and exterior, is a portable distiller with a capacity of 3,8 litres / 5 hours and is wonderful to use in the home, at the office or on holiday.
It comes with a glass collection jug to maintain the purity of the distilled water. Our Drink Water Distiller is extremely easy to set up because it doesn't require assembling or installation.

Each Water Distiller includes a 1 gallon (4.54l) GLASS collector/storage bottle which fits easily inside your refrigerator. This model water distiller has a style connector that prevents airlocks from occurring, reducing the chance of spill overs. Also this model has a filter that reduces the chance of bacterial growth and has a better filtering quality.

Most people get their water from the household tap.  This water originates from lakes, rivers, streams, and underground sources.  The majority of water goes through a cleaning system at a local water treatment plant.  However, many harmful pollutants and water borne diseases are present in the finished treated water. According to scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), it has been estimated that between 60 to 80 percent of all cancer is caused by chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.  The NCI expressed concern over 20 years ago that increases in carcinogens in water and our inability to remove them could result in serious exposure of the general population.

In a nutshell: one of the main activities of the body’s self-healing system is filtration of the blood, a job performed mostly by the kidneys with a little help from the mechanism of perspiration.  Kidneys are such efficient, compact and miraculous filters that they put to shame the dialysis machines used to maintain the patients with renal failure. The heart, blood and kidneys are a single functional unit that constantly cleanses and purifies itself, removing all the toxic wastes of metabolism and the breakdown products of harmful substances that get onto our bodies one way or another.  This purification system can operate efficiently only if the volume of water flowing through it is sufficient to carry away the waste.  Further, as good quality steam distilled water enters the body, it has the ability to pick-up mineral deposits accumulated in cells, joints, artery walls or wherever such deposits occur and begin to carry them out.  Gallstones and kidney stores then decrease, and it also lessens arthritic pain as joints become more supple and movable.

Additionally extra collection jugs, Glass or Plastic can be purchased and we also stock the Charcoal Filter Sachets in packs of 12.

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23 January 2015



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