Ground Zero Day 1

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This awesome sight greeted me this morning as I entered the kitchen!

Ah, YES! I made that decision yesterday, to go back to a totally RAW vegan diet. I have many times before and not adhered to that resolve. But I feel in my 70 trillion cells that this time is different. I have you now to hold me accountable. And the second trick is to stock up abundantly on all the fresh and yummy fruit and leaves you can find. Have so much of it available that you are spoilt for choice when deciding what to eat. It must fill all your kichen counters in beautiful and appealing displays of colour and shape and texture. It must make you smile with pleasure to see it. The sweet scent of your produce must tickle your tastebuds into mouthwatering want.

So here I am at Ground Zero again. Having started my day with a mug of cold chamomile tea that I had taken to bed with me and been too sleepy to drink, I now viewed my amazing array of real food, and mangos were my first thought for breakfast. However, I noticed that the pears that had been perfectly ripe yesterday would be worm fodder within hours so into the fridge I dived to find a punnet of corriander leaves. One of my all time favourite smoothies is pear and corriander... and a teaspoonful of dried ginger (I love ginger and recently read that it contains a powerful anti-cancer constituent when dried or cooked that proved 10 000 x stronger than chemo in the research model).

I rinsed the corriander and threw the handful into the blender jug stems and all. The pears I washed in a basin of water to which I added a few drops of LDC (a Neolife product that was created environmently and user friendly and biodegradeable decades before Green was a trend). LDC is a light duty cleaner that not only breaks the surface tension of water making it "wetter" but also keeps particles suspended in solution carrying away the poisons you wash off your produce. Washing to get rid of pesticide sprays is of utmost importance when eating RAW Vegan especially when you consider the sheer quantity of produce you need to consume. Organically home grown is first prize of course! - back to the pears... they were quite small and soft so just needed the stems, bottoms and brown spots removed. The cores were tender and pips small. I weighed all this and it was about the goal weight of a kilo. I blended it with just about a half cup of distilled water and it came to just over a litre - PERFECT.

As I have an early pilates class, just a glass of this immediately at room temp (as only the corriander had been refigerated) will go down well on this autumnal morn. The rest will be fine and cold when I get back from the gym. Not the prettiest smoothy but the freshness of the corriander, slight spicyness of the ginger that doesn't overpower the delicate sweet flavour of the pears is totally YUM


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